Tricia has been leading a creative bohemian life since birth.  She has always loved to create and enjoys working in multiple mediums and especially with vibrant color.  As a child, she was usually found with a pencil or crayon in hand and not always drawing on socially accepted materials, much to her Mothers dismay.  Now, as an adult, her creativity expresses itself in many ways; floral and event design, beautiful ceremonies and rituals, costumes, fantasy photo shoots, whimsical faerie houses and sacred visionary art as well as more classical mediums of charcoal and oil paints.  She is also an internationally known event and floral designer whose work has been shown in publications around the world. 

Tricia received her degree in Art History as well as studying fine art and interior design.  She lives with her partner Vince Chafin, an artist in his own right, and a myriad of animals on the historic Dos Pueblos ranch in Goleta, California.  She is often found painting and creating in their art studio, just a short walk from the beach, or dreaming in her Gypsy wagon nestled in the garden.   Her passion is to create beauty, channeling the magic that is always present in and around us.

A note about the music . . . 

The beautiful flute and nature music you hear on my site is from my partner, Vince Chafin. He is a tremendously creative musician who has kindly allowed me to use his gorgeous sounds. You can reach him through his Website.

The music for the Gypsy Fae movie is from my equally talented friend John Mooy. He wrote this song for his grandfather and has titled it “Gramps”. You can reach him via his Face Book page

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