Cat tales

3 April 2010

I mentioned earlier when I talked about Nipper (The best tip we ever received!) that I would write about his brothers and sisters, so as promised here they are (some of them).  My husband and I are very privileged to run a charity for unwanted cats.  We have only in the last couple of months made it official by creating a non-profit organization and establishing a web page and in general organizing ourselves.  When we moved onto the beautiful ranch where we live now we discovered a staggering number of feral (wild) cats desperately in need of food and medical attention.  Thus began our crash course in cats and unbeknown to us the beginning of our charity.  Prior to our hugely expanded family we had only one cat.  We basically now live with a herd of somewhere around 40 plus!  We have as of now spayed and nuetered 60 plus!  For all the details and lots of cute pictures and great stories please visit our web page The Lucky Few.  For now here are some snapshots of a few members of our fuzzy family…


Shortly after moving in I found this precious little girl soaking wet, shivering, eyes newly open, only 3 weeks old under a bush positively howling for her mother. There were no other cats around and if I didn’t get her dry and warm soon she was in trouble.  I actually let her sit for a bit hoping a mother would show up but no one came so I was it.  Not just love but infatuation at first sight! We absolutely delight in her!  A few weeks after we found Munchkin we saw this in our back yard! Munchkin’s litter mates

We couldn’t approach them because they would scatter!  We just kept food down and over time they became lap cats.

Now they are all grown and part of our huge family,

Munchkin now

Some of her litter mates now


Back to front, clockwise: Timmy, Stripes, Princess(white calico), Solo, Morgan (the two gingers).


Tiger is one of the patriarchs on the ranch. We think he is around 15, no one knows for sure.  His family left and couldn’t take him with them.  He joined our family about 2 years ago.  All you have to do is look at him and he starts purring.  He is on my lap right now purring like mad with his chin on my wrist (typing is a little interesting at the moment). I couldn’t ask for a better floral design supervisor!

So as not to overload you too much I will stop for now. Stay tuned for more cats and tales.


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